MHK Parking

The Manhattan Regional Airport will begin charging for parking on February 1, 2021. The maximum rate for parking will be $2.50 per day.  This fee will apply to any vehicle entering on or after noon of the effective date. MHK has three paid parking lots for the traveling public (North, West, and East).  You can view a map of our lots below.  For additional information about parking at the airport, please scroll down.
MHK_Passenger Terminal Parking

Manhattan Regional Airport – Parking Management Plan FAQ’s

When do you start charging?
- Airport parking will become paid parking starting at noon on February 1, 2021 with a low introductory amount of $2.50 per day.
How much is a daily rate?
The maximum daily rate will be $2.50 per day, per vehicle starting February 1, 2021.
The maximum daily rate of $5 per day for each vehicle will begin January 1, 2022.
Is there a grace period?
Yes, the first hour is free.
Is there an hourly rate before a daily rate kicks in?
During the initial period, from February 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, there is a maximum rate of $2.50 per day, after your first free hour.
Starting January 1, 2022: After the first free hour, there is an hourly rate that starts at $1 and then increases by $1 per hour until the daily maximum is achieved. For instance:
First hour: free
Second hour: $1
Third hour: $2
Fourth hour: $3
Fifth hour: $4
Sixth hour and greater is the daily maximum of $5
Is there a penalty for lost tickets?
Yes. If a customer pulls and then loses a ticket, the only way to exit will be to pay a “lost ticket fee” of $100.
If you find your ticket after exiting, or if you provide additional paperwork, you may present this information to justify a refund/adjustment.  Items to provide that will help make your case include your airline itinerary and/or your rental car contract. Please call the Airport Administration Office to discuss a refund.  The Administration Office is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, closed from 12pm – 1pm. This must be done within ten (10) calendar days of the date the lost ticket fee was paid.
How do I pay?
There are two options to pay. You may pay at the gate as you exit or use the pay machine located inside the terminal. 
Is there an App that I can use to pay for my ticket?  COMING SOON!
Yes, there’s an app for that. It’s called ParkMobile and can be found in the app store.
Can I park my vehicle there for an extended period?
 Pulling a ticket affords 30 days of maximum parking.
  If you need to park your vehicle for an extended period, which we consider to be greater than one month, contact Airport Administration at 785-587-4560.
What happens to a vehicle that has been abandoned?
 Any vehicle considered abandoned is subject to ticket and tow.
Is there a short-term lot, or a long-term lot?
No, all lots are considered the same, will have the same rates, and are first- come, first-served.
What happens if the ticket jams or malfunctions and I can’t get out?
There is a button on the exit machine you can push for assistance. Airport staff will be called and will be able to assist you.
If I’m a frequent business traveler can I establish a frequent traveler or corporate account?
Accounts will be established in 2022.  
Is there a TNC program at the airport?
Any TNC (Transportation Network Company) looking to do business at the Airport must contact Airport Administration at 785-587-4560 to establish an agreement. There will be a preferred waiting area for TNC vehicles to stage prior to pick-up.
If I’m a traveler, can I call an Uber?
Yes, Uber and Lyft or any other TNC will be able to pick up and drop off at the Airport.
If I am a visitor where do I park?
All visitors are subject to the same parking rules as everyone else, unless a parking permit is coordinated in advance with the organization you are visiting.